Ahoy! Matey!

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Ahoy! Matey!

Circus, physical theatre and clowning
Available for tour
4 to 10 years olds
50 minutes
Indoor or outdoor show for schools and recreational venues

Captain Ahoy and his First Matey set off to sail around the world. While Ahoy is polite and organized, Matey is noisy and disrespectful wherever she goes. Ahoy tries to make his shipmate more responsible every way he can think of, mostly by getting the young audience members involved.

The show will wow young spectators with its trapeze, juggling, break dance and clowning acts, all woven into the characters’ adventures. Original songs performed live add a festive touch to this endearing show.

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Sarah Touchette
Assistant Director
Artists taking part in the creation
Set design
Ghislain Buisson
Marie-Hélène Lampron
Julie Laroche
Sound Design
Ghislain Buisson
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