Les Voisines

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Les Voisines

Circus, physical theatre and clowning
Available for tour
5-12 years old
50 minutes
Indoor show

This is the story of two neighbors who share a common yard. The two women are very different, even antagonistic. One is rather orderly and organized, while the other is messy and exuberant. As you can see, the first one often disturbs the other one! Huguette, this exuberant woman, takes pleasure in hanging out her laundry with her singing very loudly, setting up her tent for nights of camping in heryard, or practicing her acrobatic bicycle with a disturbance. But what bothers her neighbor Vana the most is her overflowing garbage cans, not to mention her snoring.

The neighbors learn to communicate and finally understand each other better. And a glimmer of friendship eventually appears between these two women, who are perhaps not so different after all.

This clownish female duo will make you laugh till you cry!

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Soizick Hébert
Assistant Director
Artists taking part in the creation
Marie-Hélène D'Amours et Vanessa Kneale
Set design
Ghislain Buisson
Marie-Hélène Gervais
Julie Laroche
Frédérick Desroches
Sound Design
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