Little Sailboat

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Little Sailboat

Circus, physical theatre and clowning
Available for tour
3 to 7 year olds
45 minutes
Indoor show

Murielle has to take out the trash because the garbage truck is coming by tonight. The trash pile is huge! Fortunately, Murielle has an ultra-special power: imagination! A sock becomes a flag, a toilet paper roll turns into a spyglass and an old broomstick is suddenly a tall mast. Heave ho! She sets off on an adventure!

The clowning and acrobatics stir a gentle reflection on the pleasures of the imagination and the importance of recycling.

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Marie-Hélène D'Amours with the collaboration of François Isabelle and Yves Dagenais
Assistant Director
Artists taking part in the creation
Set design
Ghislain Buisson
Carole-Anne Turcotte
Julie Laroche
Ghislain Buisson
Sound Design
Ghislain Buisson
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