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Circus, physical theatre and clowning
Available for tour
5 to 12 year olds
55 minutes
Indoor show

Dear Grandfather Octave must leave the house where he spent most of his life. And what’s more, this move is taking place during a pandemic! His grandson, a motivated and cheerful, but somewhat clumsy, young man is kindly giving Octave a hand getting things ready. Yet, his reluctant grandfather will upset the smooth running of the whole process! He will create wild situations, entangling himself and his grandson in a myriad of incredible adventures!

Their encounters with a variety of objects stir and rekindle funny and touching memories. Fortunately, a serious mover will be there to help. But wait, serious? Okay, maybe not that serious!

Full of movement and surprises, the clowning trio offers up a well-paced and hilarious show combining acrobatics, juggling, a mini-wall trampoline and live music.

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Marie-Hélène D'Amours
Assistant Director
François Isabelle
Artists taking part in the creation
Stephan Landry, Hugues Sarra-Bournet and Friederik Geertsen
Set design
Ghislain Buisson
Elizabeth Cognard
Julie Laroche
Hippolyte, Sylvaine Arnaud & Stephan Landry
Sound Design
Ghislain Buisson
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