The Librarian

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The Librarian

Circus, physical theatre and clowning
Available for tour
5 to 12 year olds
50 minutes
Indoor show

At first glance, Paul-Émile Dumoulin seems like just a regular librarian. He is serious, proud and very orderly. Every book is in its place on his impeccable shelves. The only problem? As soon as Paul-Émile gets his nose in a book, reality disappears, giving way to the slightly crazy worlds he discovers between the pages. On his adventures, the very sensible librarian metamorphoses. He suddenly turns into strange and silly characters who perform acrobatics, balancing, juggling, break dancing and beatboxing. Just how far will reading take him?

This show blends clowning, physical theatre and the circus arts. It invites young audiences to discover the passion of reading and the power of the imagination, which whisks readers away to faraway lands, on an adventure, or into a romance or thriller.

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Marie-Hélène D'Amours
Assistant Director
Artists taking part in the creation
Set design
Ghislain Buisson
Elizabeth Cognard
Julie Laroche
Hippolyte & Sylvaine Arnaud
Sound Design
Ghislain Buisson
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